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The Serious Bit!

Terms & Conditions

1. Deposit

A deposit of 25% of the total booking is required to reserve the accommodation - Fully refundable up to 30 days prior to your arrival date (see cancellation policy below). The booking is provisional until confirmed by us. The balance of the rental is payable 30 days prior to arrival. A booking confirmation receipt will be issued upon receipt of deposit. 

 2. Client Property

We are not responsible for any loss or damage to property left in or around the property during your stay or for any items left on departure. Of course, we will liaise with clients to arrange the return of any items left accidentally.

On the expiry or other termination of the rental, the management team may remove any guest belongings left on the property and store or otherwise with the same as deemed appropriate. Notwithstanding the aforesaid the sole risk in respect of such belongings shall at all times remain with the guests.


3. Damages

Lisnabrin is most suitable for family and friends gathering.  It would not be suitable for serious partying or large stag parties etc.  The house is full of treasured items and valued antiques.  We kindly ask that the house is left as found. The cost of repairs to, and replacement of damaged or missing property, will be the responsibility of the client.  

In order to complete a formal check out,  one of the team will meet you for a property walk through prior to your departure.


4. No Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the house. Ashtrays are available for smoking outdoors. Any extra costs incurred due to cleaning associated with smoking in the house will be deducted from the security deposit


5. Hot-Tub Use Policy

The Hot-tub is used entirely at your own risk. Children must be supervised at all times whilst in the vicinity of the Hot-Tub. Please familiarise yourself with all safety and instruction information relating to the Hot-tub (available in the house manual) prior to use.


6. Termination Due to Misconduct

Rental of the house may be terminated with no refund at the discretion of the management team if guests / occupiers

* Breach any of these terms / house rules

* Behave in a disruptive manner, cause a nuisance or disturbance

* Exceed occupancy level

* Cause damage to the property


7. Alternative Accommodation

In the extreme event that the property is not available for reasons outside our control (e.g. unforeseen damage to property), we will do our utmost to find an alternative accommodation to your satisfaction or refund all monies.


8. Our Right to Refuse

We reserve the right to refuse any booking and in exceptional circumstances to cancel, modify or alter arrangements made for the clients.

9. Access to Lisnabrin Estate

We kindly request that only House Guests (Maximum 17)  staying in the house have access to the property. This is for insurance purposes and will be strictly enforced.

10. Estate and Staff

Staff tend to the farm animals in the working yard and land which is not accessible to guests.  Staff stay onsite in the estate cottages.  Gardeners will need to attend a few days each week.  The owners may need to stay in one of the cottages onsite for short periods - season dependant.  ​All these activities will be carried out discreetly, access will be via a separate driveway and will not affect your privacy.

11.  Pets

We are big fans of cats and dogs and have many ourselves.  However we are unable to extend a welcome to guest pets.  This is for insurance purposes and must be strictly enforced. 

12. Younger Guests

Please see our separate Young Guest - Arrival Information  - for groups joining us with younger guests.

Cancellation Policy

Notice of cancellation must be in writing or by email. The following charges will then apply:

• Over 30 days prior to date of arrival:    FULL REFUND

• 30 days – 14 days prior to arrival:          Forfeit Deposit

• Less than 14 days prior to arrival:         Forfeit 100% of RENTAL FEE *


    You are advised to get insurance to cover your losses

* Charges will be waived if the property is reallocated to new clients.

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